Friday, March 27, 2009

Miracle Food: Mangoes and Papayas

Like all orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, mangoes and papayas contain beta-carotene. The darker the color of a fruit, the more beta-carotene it contains so papayas have particularly high levels. The body converts the beta-carotene into vitamin A and, as these fruits have plenty of vitamin C as well, this makes them powerful antioxidants. Mangoes also contain vitamin E - the third antioxidant vitamin - and both fruits contain iron and zinc. This high level of antioxidants puts them at the forefront of immune health protection, safeguarding against all kinds of risks, from passing infections to cancer.
Mangoes and papayas have a deeply detoxifying effect on the body, which shows visibly by improving skin texture, fighting off wrinkles and giving the complexion a bloom. They also strengthen the nails. They are energizing fruits, too, and make a nutritious snack whenever your energy level dips.
Papayas are renowned as an aid to digestion. They contain the enzyme papain, which digests protein, and they cleanse and soothe the digestive tract, reducing inflammation and intestinal infection and problems such as constipation and flatulence. They also get rid of intestinal parasites. Mangoes are also soothing to the digestive system and especially beneficial for problems like indigestion. They are particularly powerful cleansers of the blood and the kidneys, which further detoxifies the body.
Taken from "Miracle Foods" by Anna Selby

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