Monday, January 19, 2009


***Before I begin, I must start with a disclaimer. I in no way want to come across as all knowing on this subject. I also don't want to come across as "better than thou". I simply desire to share my beliefs, thoughts, opionins and ideas in hopes that you will enjoy reading this blog and that you will find ideas that will help enrich your life. You will notice that none of my recipes will include meat, dairy products or any other animal products. I cringe at being referred to as "vegan" as I do not feel this adequately represents my beliefs or the way that I eat. I have taken these things out of my diet as a personal choice and haved loved the benefits that have come, however, I will in no way try to impose complete removal of animal products on anyone else. I do believe that most people typically indulge in these foods way too much and I hope to give you some ideas to create variety in your diet in order to help you use animal products more sparingly as well as to help you be more self sufficient and reliant in your food storage.

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